Elderslie Little Oaks Preschool

from small acorns grow mighty oaks

A Typical Day

For 2-4 years olds

9:15am            Preschool opens, children to hang their names on either the ‘morning’ tree or the ‘lunch’ bear

9:15–10am      Staff at tables to encourage children to join unstructured activities

10am               Register

10–10:45am    Free flow play indoors and outdoors weather permitting and library book choice

10:45am          Tidy up time then wash hands and snack time (a selection of toast or crackers, fresh fruit and milk or water)

11am-12pm     Structured activity linking to the theme, craft, musical movement, painting and free flow play

12-12:15pm     Tidy up and Circle time – show and tell, story time and singing. Collection of children

                         going home.

12:15pm          Wash hands and sit down for lunch

12:20-1pm        Lunchtime       

1-1:15pm          Reading or calm play time

1:15pm             Collection of children going home.

1:15-3:15pm     Afternoon session with free flow play indoors and outdoors weather permitting, craft activities

                          and painting

3:15pm             Home time


For 1-2 year olds

9:15am              Preschool opens, children hang their photos on the peg stand

9:15–10am       Children spend time in the classroom doing activities with the staff

10am                  Children go into the main room or garden for free play time

10:30am           Snack time in the main room

10:45am           Free play in the main room or garden – nappies changed

11:45am           Children go back into the classroom for story and nursery rhyme time

12:15pm            Home time