Elderslie Little Oaks Preschool

from small acorns grow mighty oaks


Elderslie Little Oaks Preschool achieve the majority of their funds to buy resources and equipment for the children through fundraising.The parent committee and local community all help with the planning and implementation of the events such as jumble sales, discos, sponsored walks, quizzes, etc.

We have 2 annual jumble sales in Spring and Autumn and a sponsored walk with the children each year. These events raise around £1,000 each year which will go towards new equipment and resources for the children. Alongside this, we have had parents and committee members raising money in the past through sponsored diets, donations at a wedding, a sponsored cycle ride and another sponsored walk. With each of these events raising between £250 and £300, we are lucky enough to be able to get some great new resources, equipment and books. In addition to these events, we also collect Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers and Tesco for Schools and Clubs vouchers so any vouchers you have would be gratefully received at our preschool.

We are also registered with www.easyfundraising.org.uk, a site that supports charities via a loyalty shopping system. If you have any online shopping to do, please register with Easy Fundraising. It is quick, easy and free to do. Then select your chosen charity, in this case Elderslie Little Oaks Preschool, and choose from the 2700+ retailers that support charities through the site. For every shop you do, a percentage of your total spend will be donated to our preschool at no extra cost to you.

If you have an idea for fundraising, or would like to make a donation or run a fundraising event to raise money for the preschool, please contact the parent committee chairman, Beata Milne via the preschool.